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Below is a transaction log of our finances, as of the [ c l m p ] membership. The printing hasn't actully been paid for, but other than that everything is current. We don't have a direct line to the PayPal API, so our transactions from there have to get manually downloaded.

Ideally the Operating Costs would get paid back eventually, but there's no hurry. The single share in the Example Budget would go towards these costs. The printing costs for each issuw would be paid for by the sales. For more information see the Example Budget page. the

Date Account Project Description Amount
2020-08-01 Sir Princess Brutus Operating Costs Startup costs. $800.00
2020-08-20 Community of Literary Magazines and Presses Operating Costs Yearly Associate Membership, to upgrade to full membership August 2021, for $125. -$50.00
2020-10-09 Submittable Operating Costs Yearly subscription purchased on 2020-10-09. -$290.00
2020-10-10 Irrelevant Press Issue #7 Printing 100 copies of 75 page perfect bound books, quote. -$460.00
2020-10-10 Audience Issue #7 Patch: 2" Diameter $4.55
2020-10-10 Benefactor Issue #7 Donation via Paypal $9.41
Net Finances$13.96

Apologies for the lack of https, working on getting the SSL certificate setup.