Something Involving A Mailbox! Example Budget Breakdown

Example budget for consideration and discussion.

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SIAMB! has never broken even, as I mentioned in the introduction on the main page. But, that doesn't mean we can't consider the money anway. And really, that means it's actually the perfect place to play around with all the goofy funny money.

Our working model is if you are a part of SIAMB! #7, you get a share. If you have a story, several poems, read submissions, ect. you are a part of SIAMB! #7 and get a share. So here's an example breakdown of a hypothetical Issue #7 makeup:

Printing -$460.0 100 Copies, 75 Pages
Shipping -$275.00 1 lb. Book, USPS Media Mail
Sales $1,200.00 Sold Out @ $15/copy, One Free to Each Share
Net $465.00
Per Share $23.25
Number of Shares 20 Rough Estimate, #6 had 10.
Per Book $0.29 Amount each share would get per book.

So under this breakdown each contributor, getting one share and a free copy of the issue, would make $23.25 once all the copies had sold. Which, isn't much but is more than exposure. More important than the few dollars, is the transarency in funds for everyone who is a part of the issue.

The final numbers of course will depend on the number of contributors, final sales, and if SIAMB! takes a share or not. The [ c l m p ] membership was $50.00, and will be $125.00 next year after we publish as a literary journal instead of the zine format the previous issues used. Submittable is $290.00 per year, and the ISSN was free.

Donating Shares to Causes

We 100% believe artists should be paid for their work and will be. If contributors would like to, they may pool their shares to donate to an organization or cause. Then, SIAMB! will payout and donate the shares at the end of each month. Sir Princess Brutus is donating his share, and where it is donated will be decided by everyone who donates their share.